Why Do Cars Cost More In Australia?

We all are aware on how the dollar in the United States and the dollar in Australia is almost the same; however, the cost of the cars in Australia are way more expensive than the cars in the United States. Most of the Australians know why they cost more and why a car loan is often necessary, but others, especially the tourists, always wonder why the cars in Australia cost a lot of money. This question is often asked by people around the world, as the cars in Australia are said to probably be the most expensive in the entire world. The price of cars in Australia are actually 3 times more than the cars in America, which is why it has become a very asked question lately. A Lexus LS460 costs about $66,230 in the United Stated, while it costs about $191, 200 in Australia. The difference is very big despite the fact that the dollar in the U.S. and Australia happen to be the exact same.

Why Do Cars Cost More In Australia?


One of the main reasons why the cars in Australia are way more expensive than the cars in other places is that Australians happens to pay much more taxes compared to the other people in different countries. Australia actually has a very small market, as they only have about a million every year for their vehicle market, while the United Stated has over 13 million every single year. Essentially, you will just get a certain discount when you buy in volume. Australia also places lots of tax on luxury cars, and they are well known for imposing lots of tax cars.


People in Australia also get paid way more than the people in the United States, which means the cars aren’t really expensive for the people in Australia. The average Australian makes about $56,950 every year, while the average American would only make about $46,326 every year. The cars are more expensive since Australians are paid more. Surprisingly, over 50% of the people in America are actually getting paid less than $50,000, which is why their cars happens to be much cheaper than the cars in Australia.

-Quality and Reliable Cars

The cars in Australia are also very expensive because they are reliable and are also made with quality. The reason why the cars in America are cheap is that, they often aren’t very reliable. The cars in Australia really have much higher and reliable standard equipment, which is why they cost much more in Australia. Even if the cars in the United States are cheaper, they aren’t as reliable as the cars in Australia, which is why they are worth more.

So, if you were wondering why the cars in Australia cost more than most countries, then the information above must have answered those questions. Even though the dollar in the United States and Australia are pretty much the same, the two countries still have very huge differences when it comes to the cars they sell. Australia has more reliable cars and the people there also get paid more than the Americans do and so, their cars end up becoming more expensive.

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