What to Buy for Your Car Head Friend this Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho! So, are you confused what to buy for your car head friend this Christmas? Don’t worry we have listed some better ideas for you. So, read on ahead!-Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Body Parts online.

This festive season, why not impress your gear head friend or partner with something that could lighten him up? When we are talking about car nuts of course we know how they are crazy about automobile gadgets and accessories. So, make a memorable Christmas for them by gifting them something that they could use in their own space!

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Dash Cam

Dash Cams are a real need of drivers. In today’s heavy traffic, it is very important to stay safe on the road. It is such a peace of mind to have a dash cam installed in your vehicle and you can easily see what is in front or behind you.

Moreover, if some miss happening or a minor accident occurs on the road, who do you think is the best friend of insurance companies or police in such case? Of course its dash cam! Even you can have proof with dash cam installed which cannot be doctored or overwritten. So, shop for dash cams, they are really going to make your mates day!

Socket Set

You should have car tools and accessories in your garage or your car for small DIY jobs. Gear heads love to have sets of sockets and pliers for their work.

No matter how big or small of a repair job is, nuts and bolts are required everywhere. A socket is highly recommendable tool because it is not only pivotal for maintaining your car or other parts but is also used for checking the electric wires. Shop with confidence for socket sets and make their day with such a great present.

Car Vacuum

Why do we need car vacuum? Of course for the purpose of cleaning, you should keep something that consumes less space and is portable. And if your friend is a cleanliness freak or even if he is allergic to dust, then it is a really good idea to gift him a portable car vacuum cleaner.

There is variety of vacuum cleaners with different functionalities available in online auto parts stores. So, place your order today with something so useful.

Admission to driving school

I guess it would be really thought full of you to do this. Because a lot of us often love to have our own vehicle or drive it but sometimes due to tight budget we can’t afford it. Or may be due to one or two failed driving tests?

Why not give it another chance when your friend is paying for you! Driving schools are best to learn car driving and ofcourse you will be much sincere and attentive in your classes when your dear one is paying for you. So, you can help your friend earn a licence at least. That would be really a great thought as well as Christmas gift.

Gloves and Boots

So, you know someone who spends half of his time in his garage mending or repairing auto parts? Well, its really fun to do DIY jobs but it’s risky too at the same time.

Safety should be your priority when you are working with auto parts and especially if you are working bare hands then you should really give it a thought!

Why not help your friend by gifting him protection gloves or boots. This will protect him from harmful chemicals or other sharp tools that he deals with daily.

Smart Phone Holder

Is it really annoying sometimes when you cant even properly secure a place for your phone. So that this does not break your concentration from what you are doing in your garage, phone holders do wonders.

Phone holders can be amazing gifts and you can buy it from any store whether it is auto parts store or other one. Go for it!


Multi tools look really great and are quite useful because you don’t have to open your tool box to get through what you exactly want.

And it really freaks a desperate mechanic when he cant find his relevant tool! So, in such case, multi tools are really reliable. You don’t have to find or open your whole tool case. You will have all in one thing. It is really exciting as well as an interesting gift for gear heads.

Of course they love to buy fancy and different tools and auto gadgets that are introduced in the auto market.

Car Detailing Kit

One more thing, gear heads love to ride in a shiny vehicle. That means it should be spotless and shining like a new one. Car guys take its pride in keeping their ride impeccable.

Car care supplies and detailing kits would definitely make them happy. It is something that almost every car guy loves to have. Then why not utilize this time of Christmas and get one for your dear one!

Aftermarket car Speakers

For old cars, is it really easy to replace aftermarket car speakers that are available at any online auto parts store. This is a gift that you could actually get for anyone that you know who loves music and drives a lot.

So, we have gathered plenty of gift items for our bucket list. These accessories are highly usable and will surely be loved by any gear head. So, do something special this Christmas.

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