What Does The Future Hold For The Modern Car?

The technology that goes into vehicles has changed a lot over the last 20-30 years and we have seen massive improvements such as the shift from cassette player to digital radios and CD players capable of housing six or more CDs at a time! Other changes include a massive shift towards making the vehicles safer than ever and of course the big move into the eco-friendly market.

So where is the shift going to be in the next ten or so years?

Green, Green, Green!

The market is still very much heading in the direction of making cars as eco-friendly as possible. The problem at the moment is that electric vehicles run at incredibly slow speeds and you have to charge them up on a regular basis. They are great for the city dweller but rubbish for someone that needs to drive across the country on business all of the time. There are a couple of vehicles out there that use both petroleum and electricity (Hybrid cars) they are still in need of some work before the masses start to think about them. The shift on these vehicles is only going to be pushed further and you should expect to see more and more of them appearing on roads.


Those of you that expected the cars from Back to the Future Part II to start appearing on the roads will be disappointed to hear that this isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. The fact is that implementing cars like this isn’t impossible but it would have a massive impact on the airline industry (an industry that already took a massive hit in the last recession). A lot of governments make a lot of money from the travel companies and it doesn’t make sense for them to do it. You would also have the problem of hundreds of cars flying to the same destination and trying to land, an air traffic control nightmare! I really wish that my car leasing car had the ability to fly!

Autonomous Cars

Although having a car do all of the work for you might sound like a ridiculous idea if you look into this in more detail you will see that a vehicle has already been created. The idea, funded by Google has already produced a car that can work without any need for human operation. The car simply needs to be told where to go and will take anyone within to the destination. Due to the fact the car has sensors in the front and back you will find that crashing is impossible! Imagine if you could get a fast lease car to drive itself!

What do you think will be coming in the near future for car owners?

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