Toyota’s 5 Best Cars of All Time

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Toyota is one of the leading lights in Asian car manufacturing. But their success is certainly not confined to Asia; they’ve had success all over the world. Here are their top 5 cars of all time.

  1. Toyota Corona

This is where the success story really started for Toyota. Before the Corona was released, Toyota hadn’t done very well in the American market. But this car showed everyone in the 1960s that they could make great family cars. It might not be the most attractive car by modern standards, but it did manage to find its market when it was released. It was large enough to cater for families while remaining easy to drive. And if it wasn’t for this car, the others on the list may never have been made.

  1. Toyota Aygo

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There are few cars better for city driving than the Toyota Aygo. It’s one of those cars that doesn’t let you down at all when you’re trying to navigate a big city. It’s small enough to not take up too much space on the road, and the handling allows you to make decisions in a split second. The weight of the car is kept really low to make sure that it is easy to steer in all environments. And the prices are great too. Visit imperial car supermarket to see how much a used model will set you back.

  1. Toyota Supra Turbo

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This is one of those great cars that looks sporty, drives like a sports car but doesn’t come with a sports car price tag. It was very affordable when it was originally released in 1993. But you got a lot for your money. It’s fast, it looks great, and it handles like a race car. It’s one of the most accessible sports cars that has ever been made, and it was made by Toyota. If you ask me, this is the car that the manufacturer should be most proud of. There are not many manufacturers that could pull this off.

  1. Toyota Celica

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The Toyota Celica is the pinnacle of the 1970s output for the company. It’s a sporty little car, and it’s packed with style. The driving experience that the car offers is pretty incredible when you try it out. The car had some success as a rally car, and you can understand why if you’ve ever driven one of these models. The handling is fantastically sensitive, so you feel like you’re in complete control of the car at all times. That’s exactly what you want from a sporty car like this.

  1. Toyota Tundra

Finally, we come to the Toyota Tundra. It’s a pickup truck that proves how versatile and varied the Toyota has been in their output. It’s a full-size pickup, with everything that a driver could possibly want. It was a daring move because they had to take on the big hitters in the pickup truck market. But it was an experiment that really paid off because it’s one of the best vehicles that Toyota has ever produced. It’s smaller than many Ford pickups, but it doesn’t feel like it when you’re behind the wheel.

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