The Most Common Signs Your Car Needs A Checkup

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If you like, think of a car as a little pet. Most people name theirs anyway. Boys often treat them like pets. But there is some method to the madness. Because, like pets, cars tend to tell you when there is something wrong with them. A dog will stop when it needs to empty its bladder. A car will stop when it is low on fuel. A dog will not do anything when it is hungry. A car will not do anything without petrol. You see what we mean? But perhaps the most similar trait is that both a pet and a car will attempt to tell you when there is something wrong. In most cases all you need to do is trust your senses. There are some very basic signs to watch out for. If you have just bought a used car without making the appropriate checks then you may be experiencing these symptoms.

A funny noise

If your car is making a funny noise then it is best not to ignore it. Some examples include a rattling in the engine. This probably means that something is loose or not meshing together properly. If you experience this it is best to get a local MOT test because odds are you will not be able to specifically locate the issue.

Another common peculiar sound is a high pitched whistle. This means there is a tiny hole in a piece of glass that the wind is blowing through. It is nothing short of annoying and if you can put up with it then a fix is not necessary.

A funny feeling

Does it feel like you are constantly driving over large chunks of rubble even on a motorway? Then you have got something wrong with one of your wheels. Is your car vibrating horribly even at low speeds? This could be a problem with your suspension. There is a simple way to test the car suspension with something called the bounce test. Put your car in park and then literally bounce down on the front and back of the vehicle. If it continues to roll like a layer of fat for some time then it will definitely need a repair.

An odd Smell

If you smell burning while driving your car, it can be something simple. You may have caused the wheels to spin by pressing down too hard on the accelerator when stationary, burning rubber. Or, your teenager be trying to surreptitiously smoke out the back window. On the other hand it can be something more serious. If there is also a black smoke coming out of your exhausts take your car for a repair. Do not worry, your car is not about to explode, unless there is smoke coming from the engine….Kidding! But seriously, if there is any weird fumes coming from your car, have it checked out as soon as possible to avoid any more damage.

You see, we told you the signs were easy to look out for. Just rely on your senses. If something does not feel right, look right or smell right then it is best to get it checked out by a professional.

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