Take a Look at Amazing Car Features Introduced in Automotive Industry!

Are you aware of new technologies that have been introduced in automotive industry, or you just pass them thinking they are mere waste of time and money? Well, not all are waste.

Here in this article we have listed some cool and amazing car features that have rocked the automotive world and have ensured more safety on the road. Keep on scrolling down to know more!!

Rear seat Reminder

It is very dangerous to leave children under 14 or pets in the car with doors locked because in mere minutes, they won’t be able to survive heat strokes. It is even illegal in some states to leave their children or even pets in car’s rear seats while you take a short trip.

The GMC Acadia has introduced a feature called rear seat reminder which is active only once each time the vehicle is turned on or off. It works by monitoring the rear doors and it activates within ten minutes of rear door’s opening or closing.

Its basic purpose is to alert the driver to look at the rear seat before departing. Those you travel with kids, infants or even pets can rely on this feature!

Automatic parking

Don’t know how to park your car properly? Do you always get into a dispute with other drivers for inappropriately parking the car? Some people often freak out in the name of parking!

Don’t worry, with the emerging technology, automatic parking feature has been introduced by many auto giants like Ford, Volkswagen where using the range of different signals, cars can now make their space in tight parking space with a single button.

Ford Focus comes with such feature, so go for it.

Wi-Fi enabled cars

Now with Wifi enabled cars, you won’t have to go through the mess of buying expensive mobile data plans. With the wifi of your vehicle, everyone can excess internet in the car without any interruption.

You can stream music directly from your internet through car’s stereo and can be used for a range of other functions like watching movies, video calling or remote access.

You won’t have to worry about using your precious mobile data.

Automatic high beam

Mazda auto parts and Toyota auto parts have been famous for their innovation and trust ability. How many times did you forget to turn down the high beam lights and got yourself a warning ticket issued for doing so?

In some Mazda and Toyota vehicles, there are automatic high beam lights that go on and off according to the situation. The auto high beam lights dip their high beams whenever they see another vehicle approaching or entering a road illuminated by streetlights.

It not only keeps you safe but also keeps oncoming vehicle safe on road! So, this feature is worth your money.

Automatic driving

Automated cars are one of the famous topics for debates now days. Some electric cars have been even introduced as dummy called driverless cars. But the question arises- is it still safe to leave the steering wheel? Can we really trust the car to that extent?

Well, with possible technologies and auto giant’s claim of doing so, roads full of driver less cars could be just around the corner.

Until then, you can rely on other safety car features like emergency brake, lane assist, cruise control etc.

Customize the temperature

Different temperature for different passenger? It’s not absurd! Luxury cars offer a feature called climate control in which passengers and driver can customize the temperature according to their need.

Now you won’t be quarrelling with back seat passengers to increase or decrease the temperature or cooling.

Automatic start and stop

Fuel economy has been a really headache for auto enthusiasts. We know that our very first priority along with comfort and safety is gas mileage when we go for car shopping.

But there is this feature called automatic stop and start in which when you press the start button, car starts immediately a when stop button is pressed, the engine is turned off without any time waste.

This feature can be found in many vehicles of automotive industry.

Car pollutant filters

Are you allergic? If you are concerned about allergies, you can rely on your car! Pollutant filters can remove 80% of allergies from the air entering the cabin like exhaust emissions, pollens etc.

These filters block pollen counts that can cause you hay fever.

Lane departure warning

Some drivers start to drift off their lane if they are tired or feeling drowsy. To prevent such situation many automakers like Nissan offer lane departure warning feature that can apply car’s brakes whenever you try to enter the wrong lane.

If they detect that you are starting to drift off your lane, the system will slow down one wheel and guide the car back into your lane. As far as safety is concerned, it’s really must!

There are other features too that are cool and worth your money. Look at your need and choose accordingly. Don’t forget to read the reviews about that particular feature and how much reliable it is!

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