Small Cars Are Awesome. Here’s Why.

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Some people think the word “small” is a dirty word in the world of cars. After all, look at the average vehicle in the United States! Bigger is certainly better as far as many American drivers are concerned. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you need 4×4 or monstrous sports utility vehicle to get by. Smaller vehicles are become bigger and bigger, in an economic sense. People are starting to come to their senses and opt out of buying bigger vehicles than they need. Why? Here are some explanations that double as reasons why you should consider going smaller.

Smaller cars are getting more stylish

Of course, if you’re only looking at the really small cars, you could be forgiven for thinking that small cars just aren’t that sexy. The kind of cars I’m referring to here aren’t those tiny microcars. (Although there is something I like about the idea of driving around in a Peel P50.) But even looking back about twenty years ago, smaller cars meant blandness and discomfort.

No longer. Minis these days are beautiful, ultra-comfortable things. They have more legroom than you may think! And if they’re slightly too small for you, you can look into the slightly bigger versions. Superminis like the Volkswagen Polo are perfect for those looking for the midpoint between a Mini and a standard-sized car.

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Smaller cars are safer

One of the reasons that those huge gas-guzzlers sell so well? Because they provide a sense of safety. After all, look at them! They’re almost tanks. And when you sit in the driver’s seat of one, you certainly feel pretty secure. You’re much higher than everyone else, so it makes sense, right?

Actually, the higher centre of gravity in a sports utility vehicles means it’s more likely to suffer severe damage in a crash. That’s because they roll over easily. There are stricter safety standards for smaller cars, which have seen many models exceed bigger models in safety.

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Smaller cars cost less

Many would argue that yeah, of course they cost less. Because they’re inferior! Right? Ha ha, very funny. But no.

Smaller vehicles are cheaper for much more obvious reasons. There’s less expensive material in use, for one. They’re also not as hungry for fuel as their SUV siblings. Why would you not want to go farther for less? Unless you have a really big family that you need to transport frequently, you don’t have much reason not to go for a smaller car.


Smaller cars are more practical in several other ways

Those sports cars you see in racing events? Have you ever seen one up-close, or just on television? Because if you were to see a professional sports car in real life, you’d notice that they’re even smaller than you thought.

Smaller cars are practical. Not just in a financial sense. Not just because they’re safer and eat less fuel. They simply handle much better. Moving in and out of traffic becomes easier not just because the car is smaller, but because the handling is more precise. And parking no longer becomes a massive headache and also need a small space if you’re looking to park in vehicle storage. A smaller car can fit into many more places than that SUV can.

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