Signs You’ve Got A Dealership Worth Sticking With


Buying a car from a dealership can sometimes feel like rolling with the luck of the dice. Everyone has horror stories of dealers that put the pressure on the hard sell, only to fall through on every level of convenience they could offer. Dealers want to sell, so there’s naturally going to be some heavy charm poured on. That’s a given. But it doesn’t mean they’re not offering a good deal. To make sure they are, here are some of the options you should look to see if they offer.

A range of financing options

The market has evolved. Not just in a growing preference towards old cars over new cars. Drivers are open to more financing options and even growing more and more fond of leasing as it allows them a better car than they might otherwise be able to afford. Even if you don’t want to go with one of those options, it’s a good idea to ask if they’re available. If they aren’t, it shows a dealer that isn’t entirely up to date with the workings of the market.

On-demand sourcing

How far is a dealership willing to go to secure you as a customer? Naturally, they have inventory that’s costing them money which they will want to sell first. But as a customer, you rely not only on the stock of cars they have. You want to see if they have a good parts and vehicle distribution system going. Ask them about making a custom order for a car. If they don’t provide that, they won’t be able to offer the kind of choices that might matter to you down the line.

Services that actually work

For too many dealerships, the services they offer alongside a purchase deal doesn’t exactly match what it says on the tin. Plenty will wax lyrical about those services, but the delivery of those services can be anything from slow to downright deflective. Some insiders will even admit as much. With a bit of subterfuge, you can get a little idea of how prompt those services actually are. Before going to the dealership, call them up and ask to set up an appointment to get your car serviced. See how long they expect you to wait and take that as a sign of how well they treat their customers.


If a car dealer ever intentionally lies to you, then book it out of there. Feel free to let them know that you know they lied. Get up to date on the car you want to look at ,for instance, learning all you can about it. You can further check their transparency, too. Ask for voided copies of financial paperwork when making a deal. There might be a little pushback, but keep going. If they aren’t willing to show you the all the details of the deal before it goes through, it’s safe to assume there are some hidden aspects of it. Again, book it out of there.

It requires a little patience and perhaps a little more waiting for your car than you would like. However, if you want the best dealer you can have, it’s well worth finding them and sticking with them.

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