Setting Up Your Bluetooth Hands free Car Kit in 5 Easy Steps

You may have had difficult experiences in the past with using mobile hands free car kits. All the wires, remembering the steps to take to turn it on every time you get in the car, the slight bump that knocks everything out and puts you back at square one…fear not. The Bluetooth hands free car kit is easy to install and this article will show you how in just 5 easy steps!

Step 1

Turn on your bluetooth speaker and your phone. Obviously the instructions for turning the bluetooth speaker on will vary depending on the device but–and I’m going to take an educated guess here–my advice would be to look for the ‘on’ button.

Step 2

Set the bluetooth speaker or dash system to ‘in discovery’ mode. This is the function that allows it to recognise your phone and communicate with it via bluetooth technology.

Step 3

Activate the bluetooth function on your phone. This of course will vary greatly depending on what handset you have but usually it will be located in a category called ‘connectivity’, or it could be a switch on the side. Once you’ve discovered how to turn your phone’s bluetooth mode on, it should spend some time locating other bluetooth devices in the vicinity, including the bluetooth speaker you’ve just turned on. You’ll be able to identify this by it’s model name and number usually, so as to distinguish it from the other phones your handset is picking up. Take some time here to laugh at the names other people give their phones–I’m always amused when people’s bluetooth names appear on my screen!

Step 4

If all is running smoothly, your phone will recognise the bluetooth hands free car kit and you’ll be able to select it from the list. When you do, your phone may ask you for a password. If you haven’t already set one, it’s often ‘0000’ (as set by the manufacturer). The bluetooth kit may also ask for a password, which will be the same as the one you entered into the phone.

Step 5

Et Voila! Your phone should now be linked to your bluetooth. Make a call and test it out–you should be able to hear the person’s voice coming out of your car speakers. Just for fun, you can even get them to read the afternoon news for you like they’re actually on the radio…

As you can see, setting up your bluetooth hands free is relatively simple.Of course these instructions are guidelines only and you should always refer to the manufacturer instructions first and foremost when installing the kit. If your kit has a problem picking up the bluetooth of your phone or vice versa, there may be a fault in your system that needs to be checked, but before you take it back to the store try it out a few more times, turning it off and repeating the process. Sometimes they can take a few tries to recognise each other but once working, should easily pick up each other’s signals whenever you’re in the car.

Enjoy your new-found safety and freedom!

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