Reviewed: The Third Generation Lexus IS Saloon

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The Lexus IS saloon is a regular sight on many roads across the world. It’s a model that is popular with both business executives and car enthusiasts alike. The IS saloon is the Japanese firm’s smaller model. But, don’t let its size make you assume it isn’t a capable car.

These days there are plenty of high-performance variants of the Lexus IS saloon on offer. The third-generation IS even features a turbocharged petrol model: the IS 200t! Of course, others such as the hybrid model have plenty of poke too.

As you may have guessed, today we are reviewing the third-generation Lexus IS saloon. Trust me; after reading this, you will want to go out and buy one!

Here’s why:

It looks a bit like the LF-CC concept

Some owners of the previous generation IS models weren’t too happy with the styling. Lexus have taken owner feedback on board and transformed the look of the latest model.

You might not know this fact, but the Lexus IS borrows some of its styling cues from the LF-CC concept car. It was a vehicle that got showcased at the Paris Motor Show back in 2012.

As you can see from the photo above, the current Lexus IS has outstanding looks. They make the car look more in-keeping with the styling demands of today’s drivers.

It’s bigger and meaner

Previous incarnations of the Lexus IS were rather subtle and safe. All those ideals have gone out the window now with the third-generation IS saloon! It’s plain to see that it’s both bigger and meaner-looking than its older brothers.

Take a walk around the car and you’ll see why it offers real competition against the likes of the BMW 3 Series.

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It’s accessible to more buyers

Let’s face it; the current Lexus IS can be out of some people’s reach if one opts for a brand new example. The good news is that they are more affordable on the used car market.

The third-generation Lexus IS has been in production since 2013. That means it’s possible to pick up two-year-old examples from Inchcape Lexus, for instance. What’s more, you can still take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty if you buy from a dealer too!

That well-known Lexus reliability continues

Another selling point of the latest Lexus IS saloon is that it offers good reliability. In case you didn’t know, Lexus is the luxury car arm of Toyota. Lexus have a lot of engineering input from their parent company. So, if you want a capable saloon that won’t blow up on you, the Lexus IS saloon is the car for you!

When it comes to servicing costs, the price you pay is quite reasonable – even from a dealership. In fact, I’d recommend sticking to dealers only. That’s because you can be sure they’ll use genuine parts and the right grade of oil, for example.

The hybrid model helps you cut down on fuel costs

If you opt for one of the “h” models (such as the 300h), there’s another benefit you can enjoy. I am, of course, talking about excellent fuel economy!

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The engine uses variable valve timing technology, just like with the Toyota units. It also has an electric charging system connected to it. That means if you drive the car on battery power alone, the engine can charge the batteries up for you. As you can imagine, electric power means zero emissions and no fuel costs!

So, when will you go out and buy a Lexus IS saloon?

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