Excellent Family Car Choices For 2015

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Are you looking to find a new car for your family this year? Would you like to get something that is going to perform well and meet your requirements? Then you need to check out some of the excellent models listed on this page. We’ve scoured the world trying to identify the most suitable vehicles for people in your position. The chances are, you need something that can handle short commutes like taking the kids to school. However, you’re going to need a model that can also deal with long distance driving. You might have to travel up the motorway to get to work each day. You might even want to use it for short weekends away with the kids. The cars listed on this page are perfect.

Mini Cooper

The new range of Mini Cooper cars come with lots of different engine sizes. We recommend you get the 2 litre model for your family. They are surprisingly spacious inside, and the boot is of a good size. Also, insurance costs aren’t as high as you might expect. Indeed, that is why coopermini.co.uk has gone from strength to strength in recent times. You should always test drive any models before handing over your hard-earned cash. However, we are pretty confident that all cars produced under the Mini Cooper logo in the last ten years are suitable.

Ford Fiesta

Ford FiestaImage Credit Julia Ballarin

The Ford Fiesta has been an exceptionally popular model since the 1980s. Indeed, that is why it is still in production today. The latest editions don’t look anything like their older counterparts. On top of that, they now contain some of the best safety technology around. Compared to other small cars on the market, you simply can’t go wrong. Just make sure you always pay a mechanic to take a look at the engine if you plan to buy second-hand. For whatever reason, boy racers tend to like that model. So, many of the used editions have undergone a lot of stress since they were produced. You just need to make sure you don’t purchase something that is going to stop working.

Audi A4

Audi A4Image by Michael Dorausch

For anyone who wants something larger, the Audi A4 could be ideal. It is often listed as one of the most brilliant cars on the market. You should look into insurance costs before purchasing anything from this manufacturer. As the models are so desirable, insurance providers tend to charge a premium. However, you should be fine so long as you get a second-hand vehicle. A4 editions come with a 2-litre engine as standard. That means they are not the best for short distance commutes. Even so, they provide a level of comfort you will never experience in a smaller car.

So, there you have it! You should now have a good idea about which models you need to research this summer. Buying a new car this side of Christmas is a wise move. Once February 2016 comes around, prices will begin to increase. We wish you the utmost success with your new challenge. Start working now, and you could have the perfect model in only a couple of weeks.

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