Don’t Underestimate These Common Injuries from Minor Car Accidents

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A minor car accident. A little bump. A fender bender. Whatever we tend to call it, it seems that most motorists don’t spend a lot of time thinking about injuries from low-severity accidents.

But it’s important to remember that we only refer to these accidents as small because they appear small. There’s no real, consistent relation between the severity of a car accident and the severity of the resultant injuries. How else would you explain the fact that some people can emerge from total car-flipping wrecks unscathed?

With this in mind, it’s time to look a bit more seriously at the injuries that often occur in minor car accidents.


When you suffer a knock to the head or a major shake, a concussion can occur. Many people think that “concussion” is a fancy word for “dizziness”. But concussions are a sign that your brain has taken quite a blow. Most aren’t serious (in fact, most people have had a concussion at some point), but you shouldn’t take them lightly.

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One of the biggest dangers relating to concussions is related to old-fashioned medical myths. If I had a penny for every time I heard someone say you shouldn’t sleep when you have a concussion, I’d be rich(ish). The fact is that staying awake is the worst thing you can do; sleeping and getting plenty of rest is exactly what you should do. However, if you sustain a persistent concussion after an accident, you should seek medical attention.


Just like “concussion”, people often take this word as a fancy term for something minor. In this case, “whiplash” is sometimes taken to mean “a sore neck”. In fact, most people who get into a car accident will often refer to the resultant sore neck as “whiplash”. In reality, whiplash is something distinct and serious.

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Whiplash is an actual sprain of the neck, and you may not even feel it until a day or two following the accident. Such an injury can result in headaches, arm pain or numbness, and dizziness. What makes it all worse is that there’s not a known single treatment for it. It’s why people who suffer them in accidents that weren’t their fault should be looking into whiplash injury claims.


Even a relatively “small” accident can have big repercussions on someone’s mental state. On the more obvious side of the scale is a knock to the person’s confidence. This combines with a growing fear of driving. Yes, the accident was minor, and maybe they even escaped without physical injury. But if it happened once, who’s to say it won’t happen again?


There can also be problems that don’t directly relate to the idea of getting behind the wheel again. Difficulty sleeping has often been recorded among people who suffer a car accident of any severity. A lack of sleep, in itself, can have severe consequences on someone’s mental and physical state. Post-accident depression and increased irritability has also been recorded after minor accidents. This has been found even among children.

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