Crucial Tips For Buying A Used Luxury Car

We all have our eye on that one luxury car. Maybe it’s the beautiful Porsche 911 or the ferocious new Ferrari. Maybe it’s the old classics that light a fire inside; the Chevrolet Corvette or a traditional Mercedes Benz. Whatever your car of choice, it’s usually out of price range for us mere mortals. Except, of course, on the used market. For the luxury car lovers, the only choice is to browse the secondhand dealers and try to find a bargain. It is possible to find a used luxury car at a reasonable price, just be careful and follow these tips.

Buy from a dealer, if possible

The good thing about the dealership is a level of service you don’t get on the private market. You might pay a touch more, but you’ll get a guarantee of quality and reliability. You can also take advantage of any servicing deals. Remember, it’s an old car and may require regular repairs and health checks. There are lots of options for you here. You’ll find plenty of used Mercs at, or just drop by your local used dealer. Don’t be afraid to pay a little more for the extra peace of mind.

Check the price of car parts before you buy

Just like any used car, your luxury motor is much more likely to break down than a new model. They are older and you’re never quite sure of their full history. The only difference between regular cars and luxury cars, is the price and availability of parts. And that’s the kicker. If your used Porsche needs a new exhaust, it’s going to cost more than a Ford Fiesta exhaust. Check the average price of parts for your intended car first, and make sure you can afford any repairs.

Check the service history and the engine

When you buy a used car – any used car – it’s crucial that you do the following tests. First of all, make sure the service history is fully up to date and filled in. It should detail every repair, every service and every oil change. It will note the mileage at each service and that should match up to the current dial. It gives you an idea of the history of the vehicle. Next, get under the bonnet and inspect the engine. Look for signs of leaks or disrepair. Check the oil and make sure it’s healthy. It’s also worth taking a look underneath the chassis and the wheels.

Is it practical?

We know you’re not buying a luxury car for its practicality alone. It’s all about the feeling you get when you sit behind the wheel. The roar of an old engine and the comfort of fine leather trim. However, if you’re selling the people carrier to fund a Porsche, your happiness won’t last long. If you still need a practical family car, think long and hard about buying that Porsche. Trust us, it will cause problems down the line!

Lastly, remember to enjoy yourself! Browsing the dealership and negotiating the price is all part of the fun! You’ll soon be whizzing down country roads in your new luxury car!

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