Buying A New Car? Here Are Five Things To Look Out For!

It’s always exciting when you have to go car shopping, but there are many things you have to bear in mind. When you’re looking for a car, here are five of the main things you should be looking out for:


If you’re buying a used car, then you should look at the mileage on the clock. This is the amount of miles the car has previously travelled. It can be important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, a car with lots of miles on the clock means it’s severely used. So, it may not be in the best condition it can be in. Secondly, the amount of miles can affect the cost of the car. A used Audi A3 with 100 miles on the clock will cost less than the same car with 1000 miles.

Safety Features

Thankfully, there have been many new safety features built into cars these days. This makes the whole driving experience feel, well, safer! Cars like the new Toyota Auris, as seen on the Inchcape Toyota site, have pre-collision safety features. This is a feature that aims to predict collisions before they happen. The goal is to stop the car for you, or to at least minimise damage on impact. Many cars are being built with safety features like this; it’s definitely something to look out for. Especially if you’re buying a family car, because it just means your family will be safer.

Engine Size

Another thing to look for is the car’s engine size. Engine size is measured in litres and it’s normally very easy to find. Dealers will always include the engine size when they’re advertising a car. Size doesn’t necessarily matter, but it can affect your car choice. Smaller engines will burn less fuel than bigger engines, but big ones will make the car more powerful. So, depending on your circumstances, you could need either a car with a small or large engine. Someone who lives in a city and drives on busy roads should get a car with a small engine. This is because you won’t need all the power of a big engine, and you’ll save on fuel consumption. But, someone who travels on motorways a lot may need a car with a bigger engine. They’ll be driving long distances at high speeds, so will need the extra power.

Interior Size

You should also look at how much space there is inside the car. By this I mean, how many seats are there, and how much legroom. This can be important if you’re buying a family car, or a car you know will always have people in. If you’re always going to have passengers, then you’ll need a car with a good amount of seats and space.


Obviously, you have to look at the price of the car before you buy it. It’s a good idea to decide how much you’re willing to spend on a car first. That way you don’t have to bother even looking at cars out of your range. It can save you time and money, so think about it.

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