Best Diesel Options of 2014

Diesel’s actually a good alternative to expensive hybrid technology. Why ? Now , the diesel advantages a very favorable ratio of high efficiency to acceleration performance . More powerful engines are a great incentive for buyers on clean diesel gas engines that favor to sacrifice power for fuel economy .

Being a diesel back on the road , the average auto technician will see a corresponding rise of the diesel engines in the workshop. The most common options are now offered by Volkswagen and BMW, but Chevy and Jeep offer some real competition.

Volkswagen Diesels Economy

Volkswagen makes affordable diesel engines for the U.S. market than any other automaker. These are mostly budget-conscious small cars . Starting with the smallest, the VW Jetta sedan and the VW Jetta station wagon both get 30 mpg in the city. You get an amazing 42 mpg on the highway. The VW Golf gets similar fuel economy. The diesel Beetle and Beetle Convertible get almost 20 gallons more to the gallon on the highway than their gas-powered twins. The VW Passat manages 43 mpg on the highway.

These figures outshine most gas engines. These smaller diesel also have much better acceleration than their gas-powered models. Performance itself can between diesel and comparable gas-powered models. However, offer the VW diesel engines with high torque rates, that is, they can make the time on the highway and in the 0 to -60 sprint . Trade , for example, can produce 263 pounds -ft of torque .

Volkswagen diesel SUV

VW also offers a diesel engine in the SUV Touareg. The SUV engine produces 406 pounds -ft of torque . With its large acceleration ability and above average fuel economy, the Touareg stands as the only diesel to carry a large family load.

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