Automotive Batteries – Proper Maintenance and Upkeep

The average life of a car battery , although it is bound to about three to five years  can be enhanced by adhering to a consistent and disciplined approach to maintenance . Poorly maintained 4-wheel batteries can cause massive problems in the longer term – the more so if the current battery is empty, so you stranded helpless and desperately needs a jump start . If you take the necessary preventive measures , and maintain your car battery in top condition , this situation can be easily avoided.

Unfortunately, the care and maintenance of car batteries remains one of the often ignored factors in India. Usually very little or almost no attention is paid to the battery , unless of course , it sparks anger . Some of the common problems that plague car batteries low voltage or low charge . A significant impact on performance and functionality

To avoid crisis , we recommend that you note these dos and don’ts to help keep your car’s battery its peak performance and avoid a low charged battery :


• If you are using batteries , make sure that the right eye, hand and clothing protection at all times wear to prevent injuries caused by short circuits or malfunction.

• Properly check the terminals where the battery cables connect to ensure that they are tightly wrapped and free of corrosion. In the event already corrosion has occurred in order to purify the help of a qualified technician connections.

• Make sure that the battery is securely attached to the bracket. An unsecured battery that moves around during transit vehicle may be damaged and may cause short circuits .

• For batteries which are not explicitly marked as ” maintenance-free ” , the fluid levels regularly . If the liquid is too low, only distilled water up and out . If fluid is detected, you can charge the battery rather than replace them fill as batteries in this state not more often than not very soon.

• Always remember to keep your battery case clean. Dirt conducts electricity , a condition to the Batterieladungsableitungin a short duration can lead . Battery case can be cleaned with a solution of baking soda dissolved in warm water. Wet the case and stir with a nylon brush, then rinse with clear water.

• Batteries in many different sizes. When replacing a car battery , make sure that you get the right size for your car. When it comes to car batteries , always remember that bigger is not necessarily better.


• If you suspect that a battery is frozen , do not charge , they can explode , resulting in injuries! A visual sign that a battery is frozen so that the sides are bowed out . This condition can not be repaired, this means that the battery must be replaced as soon as possible by a specialist .

• If you charge your battery on your own , turn the charger to a low- charge attitude must . Most chargers have this feature but in this case it is not configured, get a professional to charge the battery.

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