An SUV Is The Best Car For Your Family; There Are Our Picks

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If you’re thinking about buying a car for your family, there’s only one that you should consider. That’s an SUV 4×4. Forget about the hybrids, the hatchbacks, saloons and estates. An SUV is what you need. You might think that it’s best to buy a hybrid and save some cash on fuel. Not to mention, you’ll be helping your planet. But that’s not true. If you buy a hybrid you’re going to be paying a huge expense for what is essentially a luxury purchase. If you buy a hatchback, you’re probably not going to have enough space for your family.

You might have read reviews saying that some hatchbacks offer a lot of space. What they mean is that they offer a lot of space, for a hatchback. That’s not quite as impressive because the bar isn’t set quite as high as it should be. Then there’s a saloon. A saloon might seem like quite a good purchase for a family car. But you have to remember; it’s not going to be great in all weather conditions. In fact, it’s likely that a saloon won’t handle well on wet roads or in snow. That’s going to be a problem when you’re trying to chauffeur your kids to school in every season.

So why an SUV? Well, it will handle almost any road condition with ease. You’ll get a lot of space and powerful performance with a whole host of other features. Trust us when we say, it’s the best option on the market right now. You might be interested in looking at some the best SUVs that you can buy. Here are our picks.

Volvo XC60

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First up, there’s the Volvo XC60. The first thing you’ll notice about this car is that it quite a beautiful machine. It’s got some gorgeous lines cut into it that make it look sleek and stylish. We’re particularly fond of the smooth yet curved body that’s been carved and crafted to perfection. At the front, there’s a strong and powerful grill. It makes you think the car is challenging any other vehicles on the road to stand up to it’s might.

The story on the inside isn’t all the different. It’s stylish with a great leather finish for purchase at a slight added cost. The dashboard curves into the gearstick between the seats wonderfully. The car manages to look modern and vintage at the same time.

We love the way it feels out on the road as well. It’s got great handling that can rival any other SUV in it’s class. Performance is good too if you’re interested in more than speed. The engine is primed for a smooth ride rather than being fast on the corners. You can expect this car to barely ever let you feel the pumps on tarmac or concrete. You may not match the speed of other SUVs, but you’ll certainly find the ride more enjoyable than the typical high performance 4x4s. We’ll look at one right now so you can see what we mean.

Range Rover Sport

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Make no mistake, the Range Rover Sport is easily going to overtake the Volvo on the tracks. It won’t even be a close race. The Sport will leave that Volvo in the dust. But we’re not sure that makes it a better car. First, there’s the style. You might like the look of the Sport. But there’s no denying that it appears to be a supersized squashed sports car. The roof has been squeezed to make it look sportier than bulkier Range Rover models. Does it succeed? In parts yes and it certainly feels like a sports car on the road. But it’s also got the durability of a large SUV. Put together these two features do make it one of the best SUVs on the road.

But you do need to think about the price. For the privilege of owning a Range Rover Sport, you’ll be expected to pay double what you’ll need for the Volvo. That’s an issue because all you’re getting is a faster speed. Sure there’s the comfort factor too. The Range Rover does feel like a dream to drive. But so does the Volvo. So, you’ll have to make a decision. Are you interested in speed or saving a few pennies. As well as this, consider fuel efficiency. The Range Rover might be faster, but that comes with a price on fuel you may not be able to afford.


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Of course, if you want style, you might want to think about purchasing the BMW X3. The X3 is an incredible machine, and it looks…well like a BMW. If you supersized a BMW saloon, this would be the final result. It’s stunning, sleek and slick with a great sense of style. That BMW badge is just the bonus. It will tell people even though you have a family: “Yes, I can afford a BMW.” It’s a nice touch for car owners. But ostentation isn’t all the BMW has to offer. The X3 has a lot of space and will only cost you up to thirty grand. That’s cheaper than it’s bigger brother, the 2017 BMW x5. You might consider purchasing the X5 instead, but you’re not getting that much more space. The X3 is more than big enough for a full family.

We haven’t even mentioned the best part yet. The X3 will do an incredible 55MPG. That beats both the Volvo and the Range Rover. It makes it the car to beat for us.

Land Rover Discovery


That brings us to the car that could give it a run for your money. The Land Rover Discovery. It is the epitome of the classic SUV. It’s big, spacious, luxurious and pricey. Yes, you’ll be paying just over fifty grand for this bad boy, but it just might be worth it. Nothing beats this car for power, performance, speed and safety in the SUV class. There’s the bonus of fuel efficiency that’s just about forty MPG. That’s not bad at all although it doesn’t come close to the modern hybrids. We still think this is the best family SUV you can buy, if you have the cash.



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