A Weekend With The New 2015 Fiat 500X

Fiat joined forces with Chrysler in 2009, and since that time we have seen some pretty cool advancements in their latest models. The new 500X is certainly no exception. Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2014, the model has already broken sales records around the world. With some of the best safety technology we’ve ever seen on such a small model, we had to get hold of one for the weekend. In this post, we will highlight our experiences with the 500X, and hopefully determine whether or not you should consider buying it in the near future. Sit back, relax, and let us tell you our story.

Friday evening

After reading lots of positive reviews about the Fiat 500X, we hired one from Thames Motor Group to see what all the fuss was about. Upon first impressions, it seemed like we were going to struggle for space, but appearances can be deceptive. You would be forgiven for thinking the 500X would have a small boot, but that simply isn’t the case. We had no trouble fitting two suitcases in the back, and there was more than enough room in the front for two people. The only size criticism we had related to the space surrounding the rear seats. Unless they have pretty small legs, you are not going to fit your friends in the back.

We set off on our drive towards Welshpool from Manchester and attempted to put the car through its paces. The edition we borrowed had a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine, and boy did it show its power. We didn’t expect to reach 60 mph in under 10 seconds, but much to our surprise, we made it. Overall, the car was pretty nippy, and we never felt the bumps of the road. That was the case, even when travelling down the motorway at around 70 mph.


On Saturday morning, we awoke in Welshpool to find some amazing scenery. We knew it was time to go back out in the car and do some sightseeing. Travelling through the winding roads of the Welsh mountains was a cinch. Only a couple of weeks previously, we had followed the same route when testing an Audi A4. However, it was obvious the 500X could handle the roads much better. The ride was smooth, and the car was more than nimble enough to make all those sharp turns. After driving for around three hours, we headed back to our hotel for some much-needed respite.


When Sunday arrived, it was time to head home. We took a slightly longer route than out sat nav advised because we wanted to push the car to its limits on the motorway. Now, we don’t ever break the law, and we don’t encourage anyone else to either. However, if we had put the pedal to the metal, the car might have reached speeds of around 110 mph without showing any signs of strain. We also noticed that a full tank of fuel was all we required during the weekend. That is astonishing when you think that we had to stop and get more for the Audi A4 on four different occasions.

In conclusion, the Fiat 500X was a dream to drive, and we highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to purchase a small car this year. It is reliable, comfortable, and fuel consumption is very low. What more could you ask want?

Best of all? They’re cheap to purchase, even when you buy them brand new.

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