5 Tips on Saving Money When Renting a Car

Renting a car for a holiday or a business trip can get expensive quite quickly. Usually, the daily rates advertised do not include all of the extras you need to pay such as taxes and insurance. But there are a few ways you can save money when renting a car, so keep these in mind when you next visit a car rental company.

Compare Prices

People sometimes assume that all car rental companies charge a similar price to each other, but they can actually vary by quite a bit. Make sure you shop around and compare car hire prices before committing, as you may be surprised at the savings you make from the original quote.

Refill the Tank

Always refill the petrol tank before returning the car back to the rental place. All rental companies have an agreement with their customers that you need to return the car with the same amount of fuel in the tank as when you started, or you can opt to have them refill it for you at a charge. You will be shocked at the premium price you will be paying for them to fill the tank for you, so you are far better off stopping and filling it yourself on the way back.

Use Your Own Insurance

Hire companies will strongly suggest you take out an insurance policy with them. However, you may notice their insurance is charged at very expensive prices and you can do better getting your insurance elsewhere. Before travelling, check with your own car insurance to see if that policy covers car hire.

If that one won’t cover it, check with the credit card company that you are using for the hire car, as they will sometimes insure what has been purchased on their cards. Lastly, check your travel insurance policy as well. Most likely these options will be cheaper than taking out insurance on the spot at the car hire company.

Go Smaller

The bigger the car is, the bigger the rental fee will be. Not only that, but the larger car will more likely be a petrol guzzler as well, which you need to pay for out of your own pocket. If you are travelling on your own, don’t be tempted by the jazzy V8 car of your dreams, just go for a small, reliable car with great fuel efficiency.

Check for Deals

There will always be deals around that you can keep your eye on. Some of these deals will be one-offs, and some are just part of the rates package. Most companies will offer varying rates based on weekend or weekday use, so make sure you plan around this accordingly and don’t get the car any earlier than you need to.

Sometimes they will have a one-off offer on particular car models and types. Alternatively, keep your eye out for coupons on the back of shopping dockets, in the newspapers or online. Sometimes you may even get a coupon through your mechanic after you’ve had a car service in Sydney, or elsewhere, that gives you a discount on holiday car hire.

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